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Time Clock Overview

With Fieldd you can track time in the office, in the fieldd, and on the job.  Fieldd offers time tracking with the flexibility to meet the needs of your business.  

There are two time trackers on the Progressive Web App (PWA):

  1. A daily time clock
    1. This is for clocking in and out and taking breaks during the work day.
    2. This clock in/out feature will also be used by office staff.
    3. Why breaks?  Logging breaks is mandatory in some states.
  2. An individual job timer
    1. This is for clocking in when starting a job and clocking out when finishing a job.

By clocking in for the day and then simply checking in and out from jobs, we’re able to create a daily time log that also tracks time spent between these visits. This then allows an administrator in the account to review and approve your hours, separated by jobs and notes in the timesheets, so that there is a record of where they were every minute of the day and the total daily time is easily calculated at the end of the day.  

Job timer hours can be added manually from within the admin view on desktop.  This can be done: 

  1. within the job,
  2. in the time clock reports
  3. automatically when you mark the job as complete.

When you mark the job as complete, Fieldd will automatically add in a time clock entry for any team member that is assigned to the job that did not use the start/stop job on the PWA.  The time is based on the start and end time see just before you mark the job as complete.

Updated on May 9, 2018

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