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Quick Start Guide

If you use QuickBooks Online please see the set-up guide using QuickBooks Online

Company Set Up: The Essentials

To access the company Setup section, you must be an administrator of the account. If you are the account owner, you are automatically set up as an administrator too. To begin, log in and click SETUP on the left-hand side navigation; there are 5 sections (tabs) that you will need to fill out.  All Sections are optional except the business unit information.

Add Your First Users

Prior to adding a new user to your Fieldd account, you must set up Employee Statuses as well as Sub-Statuses.

First, you must create a Status such as Active or Inactive, Full-Time or Part-Time, or Employee vs Contractor.  The system is very flexible and will allow for you to set it up in a way that makes most the sense for your company.  Once you have created a Status you must also create a sub status. When you create your first users you will assign them these statuses.

Optional items such as Team Assignments and Rate Sheets can also be set up in advance.  To add a new user simply click on the Users header under settings on the left sidebar.

You can create teams before or after you create users.  Teams must be created in order to expand the calendar for dispatch.

Create rate sheets for your employees at this time.  Employees need to have rate sheets assigned in order to be assigned jobs on the dispatch calendar.

Import Clients

CSV files can be imported by clicking on the left side-bar: Imports and following the on-screen instructions.

Set Up Products and Services

Setting up your products and services starts with creating a collection.  Each product or service needs to be part of a collection in order to be valid. Collections are simply a way to keep your products and services organized. You will also want to create Units such as Hourly, or Room.

Products are tangible products that you sell or charge for the use of.

Services are services that you provide for the client.

Bundles are a grouping of a combination of products and/or services.

Create your First Job

You can create a new job from several places within Fieldd.  To get started, click on the create new button on the right side header within Fieldd.

When creating a job be sure to assign the job to a team so that the job will appear on your calendar view.

That’s it you are all set up…Now time for some fun stuff, you should check out our custom fields to make Fieldd a place of your own.


Updated on October 21, 2017

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