Release Notes 02/01/2016

Bugs Fixed: 

  • Invoice Details were missing
  • Payment Terms in company set up had no effect on invoices
  • Custom Fields for Jobs/Work Orders...there were problems with the we had set this up to begin with.  Essentially these needed to be the same thing, however, when you set up a new job you could put in all the details, but then you could net edit them.  We made this custom field one item so that you can create and edit and they custom fields will show up on your work orders.

Other Changes: 

  • Products and Services: We added the ability to exclude commission. You can do this within the product/service or individually as a line item.
  • Schedule View: You can now hide both the left menu as well as the monthly calendar this give you a better view of your entire schedule for the day.
  • Payroll Reports: We now have the very basic of reports, with the ability to edit the fields in which you would like the report to run.  Coming in the next week or two, revenue reports, as well as grouping and totals will go live.

What to look for next:

  • Jobs: The jobs tab with have an additional tab so that finished jobs are in a separate tab from upcoming jobs.  The jobs will also be displayed in chronological over, rather than reverse chronological order.
  • Reports: As I mentioned reports are on the horizon to be finished up, this will include being able to schedule the reports and send then via e-mail on a set frequency.  On the back end, the reports will be set to be checked for scheduled reports, every 10 minutes. So you can set your payroll report to automatically run based on your schedule...or set a revenue report to be run every evening giving you a full snapshot of your daily revenue...

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