Release Notes 02/2016

Bugs Fixed

I really like it when I can say that we didn't find any new bugs to fix...but the truth is that we did.

There was an error within the client file, it was a minor visual bug so to speak where all of the information in the tabs was blanked out for a moment, and would reappear when you clicked on the tab.  We thought this to be rather confusing, and luckily it is now fixed.

Other Changes

  • Client name as link to client file: We have added functionality throughout Fieldd so that the client name is a link to the client file.  This makes it faster and easier to gain access to the client file no matter where you are in Fieldd. We are still double checking to see if indeed it is active in all of Fieldd, we found one spot (the schedule to dispatch), but please ping me if you notice any other areas.
  • Jobs: The jobs tab now has two tabs: finished and upcoming.  The jobs are also in chronological order.
  • Reports: Scheduling reports is up and running.  We are working on grouping by attribute as well as totaling #'s in columns were numbers are present, such as revenue and payroll totals.

On the Horizon

So this is my favorite part! 

As you know we are still working on reports, they are really close to being functional, and once they are we will test them, and I will need your feedback as well!  

  • Edit Profile: Pretty simple, but also very important.  Within your profile, you will be able to update your password, add a profile picture, and update any other account information.
  • Add Profile Picture for Users: If you are anything like me you will remember a face before you remember a name.  So we are adding the ability to add in a profile picture for all of your team members.  The picture will be displayed on the schedule view within Fieldd.   A little something like this: 

  • Automatic Email Templates: I am super excited about this feature.  We have finished the preliminary designs, as well as the structure of when, why and who for the sending.  It is going to be a huge time saver.  We send out an average of 40 emails a day, manually.  So any email will be able to be sent out to automatically based on your desired schedule.

Not only reminders, and invoices, but the system is going to be flexible enough that I could easily see marketing tied into this feature as well.

Other thoughts in the works: Quickbooks Integrations and Time Tracking

Still stuck? How can we help? How can we help?