Setting Up Your Email Account Forwarding with Outlook or Hotmail

This article covers: 

  • Setting up your email client
  • How to forward your current email into Fieldd
    • Outlook Forwarding

In order to be able to receive email within Fieldd's communication center you will need to forward your email to the email alias provided by Fieldd.

To start off, you'll need to add the email account that you want to use with Fieldd to the list of email accounts.

  • Click on Communications in the left side bar
  • Click on the Email Accounts Tab
  • Click on New Email Account

You will then be prompted to add the email account that you would like to use in Fieldd as well as assign users who will have access to the email account.

Next you will need to forward your email from your mail client into Fieldd.

Email Account Forwarding 

In the Outlook mail account settings: 

  • Click Forwarding under accounts

  • Next you will input the alias address received in Fieldd when you added in your email address: 

Copy and paste the Alias Email into text field and click next.

You are now able to send and receive your email directly within Fieldd App.

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