Dashboard Numbers Explained

This article covers:

  • Dashboard numbers

Your Dashboard is your central hub to see a snapshot of your jobs, revenue, and invoices.

The dashboard is a snapshot based on numbers that are relevant to your business today.

  • Scheduled Jobs: this is the number of jobs that are scheduled on your schedule board for the day, this can include both open jobs and completed jobs, but it does not include cancellations, or deleted jobs.
  • Revenue: this number relates to jobs that are marked as complete for the day.
  • Jobs in Progress: the jobs in progress represents the number of jobs that are currently in progress based on the current time of day.
  • Cancellations: lists the total number of jobs that have been marked as canceled on the currently scheduled day.
  • Today‚Äôs Invoices: shows the total number of invoices that are created for the day.
  • Invoices Awaiting Payment: shows the total number of unpaid invoices, the number is a year to date number rather than just a snapshot of today's invoices.

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