Import from CSV file

This article covers: 

  • How to import your clients to Fieldd using a CSV file

To import contacts, go to  Settings > Import

**The CSV file must have first name, last name in separate columns in order to import properly.

Locate the file that you would like to import and indicate whether or not the file contains headers and then click on Preview.

Next you will be asked to verify the import fields.  Any fields that are skipped will not be imported.

***Please note that at this time the import process only supports importing of a single phone number, single contact, single address per file.

Once you are satisfied with your selections you may click on validate.  The system will then map the fields according to your selections.

Depending on the size of your file the validation could take up to 2 minutes.  At this time, we do not recommend importing more than 500 contacts at a time.  This loader will display while your file is being validated:

Once validated the import will detect any errors and allow you to correct them before making the final request to import.  Again the icon will appear.

At this time, there is no validation message so once you are brought back to the import screen your import has been finalized.  You can verify this by clicking on the clients icon on the left sidebar.

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